Our goal is to help you remember your OWN unique talents, gifts, innate wisdom & natural healing capabilities. 

We offer multiple healing modalities that provide support, love, and guidance for those who seek the light within & those who are looking to connect with the light all around. 

Our mission is to empower and bring peace to the lives of others- mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually. It is our belief that in order to truly "heal," each individual must look deep within ONEself. 

Our desire is to provide a safe space where you can face your fears & darkness, while awakening to your innate gifts & loving wisdom, so that you too can live a life that fulfills your whole being- mind, body & Soul. 

By leading a life of HEALTH & WELLNESS you bring healing energy to those around you and to ALL of humanity. We all have choices in life but often allow FEAR of the unknown to stop us from growing, changing & evolving. We're here to provide YOU with guidance & support as you AWAKEN to the LIGHT of Soul evolution. Let us ALL heal as a COLLECTIVE & start living a life of harmonious balance. 

We love you. We honor you, WE SEE YOU.
Sam & Maria
We are both Registered Nurses (Oncology & Hospice), Certified Shamanic Practitioners & Intuitive Mediums, a.k.a. "Medicine Women," or 2 humans with old Souls, that have deep connections to the Spirit realm and to Earth.  Past life reading/healing, Soul Igniter Healing (Shamanic Soul Retrieval), Ancestral clearing, Energy Work, Intuitive Aura Scans, Medical Intuition, Soul Purpose Symbols, Spirit Communication, & Psychopomp (Death Doulas) are among our many specialties!
Fun Facts About Samantha & Maria
Samantha and Maria, both passionate about nature and its cycles, found a unique bond. They first crossed paths in a meditation class, where their shared appreciation for the sky's beauty – from sunsets to stars – sparked an instant connection. Their relationship deepened when Samantha, during a flower reading, offered Maria insights into her biological family. "Coincidentally," they had both chosen the same type of flower for the reading, a symbol of their synchronized spirits. Both possess prophetic visions and a deep understanding that each person's journey is unique, deserving respect and space to unfold.

Their bond is rooted in many past lives, where they faced persecution – burned, drowned, stabbed, hung, or held captive – for their beliefs and practices in healing with earth's medicines, the energy of elements, and their connection to the Spiritual light. 

This lifetime, however, marks a turning point. Samantha and Maria are determined to not be restrained by past fears. They are committed to supporting and empowering those who are ready to transform, harnessing their power and will to create positive change in the world.

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