Regression Hypnotherapy
This is a very uniquely healing modality with a couple requests- no expectations, be open to the experience & don't hold back from whatever is coming up for you. This can be done remotely or in person. Samantha induces a state of deep relaxation within you and heightened suggestibility pending on what you are seeking regression for. In this state of comfort and safety,  you may access memories and experiences within your subconscious mind that are not readily available in your conscious awareness. With these sessions, energy work is also given which supports shifting stuck energy held within your energy field/body. Samantha tailors these sessions based on the individual. There will be time after for discussion/questions.  Although these are individualized- these sessions are meant to bring you into a calm state to access for example: repressed memories; gain higher perspective with situation; connect to other life's of you; learn your gifts; inner stand habits that you are ready to break free from and more. 

You can come to the session with an intention or leave it up to wherever your higher self wants to bring you to support you the most in your life. 

Note: No modality cures/heals anything or anyone- we are our own individual healers, so tools & wisdom provided in this session are highly encouraged to be used post session to support in the healing process.

Have you had energy healing before? (Reiki, shamanic work, IET)
Have you ever done regression hypnotherapy before?
If you checked YES To having Regression Hypnotherapy before then answer : How long ago was this and did you enjoy the experience?
What are you seeking Regression Hypnotherapy for?
Do you understand that regression hypnotherapy isn't guaranteed to heal anything and each persons experience is individual & is based on how open they are to receive wisdom and connect to different parts of their consciousness?