Private Events/ Parties
Samantha (MA, NH, RI, CT) and Maria (NM & The 4 Corners Region) both offer readings and/or energy work at house parties/corporate events, within their respected living areas. Please answer the following questions in regard to your event/party. The price is based on location/travel distance, and if it will be individual readings or a group reading. There is a $200 deposit due upon booking. Please watch for an email from either or within 48-hours (check your spam). If you're looking to book for an event (such as a retreat or holistic/community fair), please email us directly as you don't need to complete this form. 

The readings/healings are based on our "LIMITLESS" sessions (description on our site), which include Akashic Records (past/parallel/potential future life information; Soul's Path/Purposes; Spirit/Angel/Star-Being/Galactic Family & Animal Communication; Mediumship w/ deceased loved ones; Aura Scan; Medical Intuition; Energy Imbalances; Dream Interpretation; Psychometry; Spirit Guide/Power Animal Retrieval; Land Wisdom; Gifts of Spirit, Shamanic Light-Guided Trance Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing/Balancing, Energy extractions, IET, Ancient Heart Energy Channeling; Ancestral Clearing & so much more! 

Travel is calculated by mileage/distance & time.

You'll receive an email with a quote within 48-hours of completion of this form. 
Thank you! :)

Where is your event located? Please provide an address
What are the anticipated dates for your event with the time you are looking for?
What is the occasion?
How many people do you anticipate?
Are you looking for individual readings or a group reading?
If you are looking for readings, would you be open to starting with a short meditation led by Samantha or Maria, to get the group's energy grounded & centered? This helps to set a Sacred space & promotes a deeply connected experience for everyone involved.