House/Land/Office Clearing
Whether you're moving into a new home, renovating, starting a new business, adjusting to a new office, experiencing metaphysical energies, or seeking emotional healing in your current space, this service is ideal for you! It's designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your environment by removing stagnant energy that no longer serves you. Samantha & Maria connect to understand the unique energies of the land, Spirits, and your space, performing clearings and setting intentions to align with your desires. They're able to gain insight as to why you're in that particular space, and what is needed to bring harmony & balance into the space. By fostering a partnership with the energy of your space, Maria & Samantha help to create a nurturing environment for your mind, body, and soul. Please *NOTE* that this process is not about "demonic" removal but focuses on clearing unwanted/residual energy and enhancing harmony with the positive Spirits present in the space. 

After you complete this questionnaire, Maria or Samantha will connect with the land to see if/how they can help you. The majority of clearings can be done remotely with beautiful results, & sometimes you don't even need to be on the call for the clearing to take place. If travel is required, they'll let you know. Some situations require both Maria and Samantha together to cleanse the space, which they will also let you know if that's the case.
Share why you are seeking support with your house, office, land, etc.
Have you contacted other professionals for this? If YES, what was the result?
What is the address, so we can connect to the energy of the land/space, to see if we need to work together (Maria and Sam), individually and/or in-person.
Upon initial connection with the land/space, do you give us permission to record the session and send to you via email (video or audio)? *If we require your presence for the session, we'll reach out to you.*