Internal Medicine Alchemy: 

A Transformative Sedona Retreat

DATE: Oct 4th-7th, 2024

What to Expect:

  • Breathwork & Energy Healing: Engage in activities that revitalize both mind & body, harnessing the restorative power of conscious controlled breathing & energy healing. 
  • Yoga & Sound Baths: Participate in soulful yoga sessions enhanced by the therapeutic vibrations of sound healing.
  • Music & Dance: Get the body moving & the energy flowing through expressive dance with high-vibrational music.  
  • Cacao Ceremony: Experience the heart-opening power of a sacred cacao ceremony, facilitating deep emotional & Spiritual insights.
  • Connecting with Nature: Learn to connect deeply with the land, embracing the elements, Spirit, & Universal energy.
  • Tapping into Limitless Potentials: Discover how to access your LIMITLESS self, exploring untapped potentials & abilities.
  • Heart Connection & Inner Wisdom: Through guided meditation & Shamanic journeying, learn to connect with the wisdom that lives within your heart.
  • Empowerment & Intuition: Journey towards becoming your own master healer, unlocking your inner wisdom, & releasing subconscious blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs. Learn how to alchemize fear with LOVE
  • Rediscovery of Passion & Purpose: Reignite your passion for life and align with your true purpose in a setting of unparalleled natural beauty.

Retreat Package Pricing

Lodging available but space is limited, so please book early if you'd like to stay in the main retreat house. 
See pricing tiers & descriptions below for lodging + retreat options or retreat only. 

Please note, health-conscious snacks will be provided @ the main house, 
but attendees are responsible for their own meals & transportation. 
Full kitchen & laundry are available on site.

Envision THIS!

A tranquil retreat spot nestled in the HEART of Sedona, featuring a custom-built, elegant home set along a gentle creek. Picture yourself waking up at dawn, watching local deer peacefully grazing on the expansive back lawn. The soothing sounds of Oak Creek provide a serene backdrop as you unwind in a hammock strung alongside the water. This haven is designed for relaxation and quality time with self & others. Situated on an expansive 2-acre plot, it offers a delightful place to connect with the land, relax in a hammock or comfortable chairs by the creek, and enjoy the warmth of a firepit for serene evenings under the stars!

Unlock YOUR Internal Medicine

Emphasizing the transformative power of LOVE & wisdom of the HEART, Maria & Samantha  
guide participants through a journey that melds the healing properties of LOVE with traditional & modern healing practices. This retreat is not just an escape but an invitation to transform, to connect deeply with nature, and to harness the powerful energies of Sedona's renowned vortices.
In the heart of the red rocks, participants will find the perfect environment for growth, healing, & enlightenment. Whether seeking to deepen your Spiritual practice, enhance your wellness journey, or simply find peace & clarity, the "Internal Medicine Alchemy" retreat offers a gateway to profound life changes. Come, be empowered, inspired, & ready to explore the depths of your being and your LIMITLESS potential in one of the most magickal settings on Earth! Discover how LOVE, the wisdom of the heart & your body's intuitive nature are key to transcending fear and DIS-ease.