Samantha Shea Surprenant
Soul Alchemy Transformational Intuitive 
Life-Coaching & Spiritual Mentoring

This coaching is unlike any other. Samantha's intention for life coaching is more of a form of mentoring to uproot all the baggage that's been weighing you down so you can return back to your truth- to your soul. She wants to support her clients with RETURNING TO SELF a.k.a. to remember who they truly are on a soul level. With this coaching the focus is on you and your connection to self so you can live a more peaceful life and one that allows you to feel all the love and support that you are and that is around you. She wishes to help her clients step into alignment because when we are aligned with ourselves, things flow easier, external factors do not rule our world and life feels, as well as looks brighter.

This coaching/mentoring has customized sessions with individual plans guided by your needs and desires along with wisdom from Samantha's Guides as well as your Guides; and don't worry you will get to learn who your Guides are through this coaching. This is truly a magical journey to remembering your truth and releasing fears, pains, worries. 
Samantha is an Oncology Nurse with a Masters in Clinical Education; Intuitive Psychic Medium; Akashic Record Reader and Teacher; Light Language Channel and Activator; Certified Shamanic Practitioner & Regression Hypnotherapist; IET, Arcturian, & Melchizedek Method practitioner; Holistic Wellness Coach and Trauma Informed Coach.

Maria Gingras RN HWNC-BC
Warrior Hearts Holistic Health 
& Wellness Coaching

"Warrior Hearts" is a transformative coaching modality offered through Maria, who is a board-certified RN holistic health & wellness coach. This form of health coaching embodies a holistic (mind, body & Soul) approach to one's overall well-being. It enables individuals to create & live a life of purpose & meaningful connections. Warrior Hearts promotes balance & harmony within one's physical, mental, emotional & Spiritual health. 

As a RN health & wellness coach my mission is to hold space for you and inspire you to recognize & embrace your own inner truths, innate talents & gifted capabilities. I will provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental container for you to openly express yourself. I will deeply listen, support and encourage your journey- however that may look to you, because I recognize & honor that you're the expert of your own life. I will challenge you to dig deep through self-reflective questions & introspection, as this can empower profound healing & growth. And I'll offer guidance and/or health education when I feel it's in service of your highest & best.